Sunday, August 16, 2009

Journal Page in Progress

This is a journal page from my journaling class that I have been taking with my sister. It is not complete yet - I have a poem to add -it's about vampires. I guess True Blood is rubbing off on me. I have also started watching the first season of Six Feet Under on DVD this weekend - hope I don't start painting corpses next!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Almost a "Spankini"

This is for Sandy - I actually wore this outfit in the water to swim today. I had burned my backside from so much snorkeling yesterday. It is almost a "Spankini" - our newest invention for swimsuits for baby boomers! I had to come up with something that covered both my arms and butt - which sticks out of the water a lot when you snorkel. I saw eels, tons of fish and lobster today. We are headed out to lunch and then off to the airport. Can't wait to be in AZ heat again :)

Swimming with the fishies

Nancy and Kelley here feeding the fishes here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last night in Caymans

Kelley and I are heading back home tomorrow and Nancy had her friend Laurie come in today for the second shift of guests for her. It was a great trip with nice weather, fantastic snorkeling and lots of fun. We had a wonderful dinner tonight at Calypso Grill. I will get to snorkle and swim one more time tomorrow morning before heading back. Kelley is happy to be getting back to her husband after living the single life for five days. See you all state side soon...