Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Santa Monica

Lauren's last day at MTV
Lauren's Apt. complex Washington Street - where she lived.
Lauren on Santa Monica Boardwalk
The cool Georgian Hotel on the Boardwalk

I went back to Santa Monica one last time to help move Lauren back to Arizona to start her last year at ASU. She loved her MTV internship - she said she enjoyed the great people she worked with, seeing how a large company conducts business and of course she enjoyed LA. She worked on several events including the parties for the TV Land awards, the Bob Saget roast and a special event to unveil the Xbox game, Rockstar II, where they had a surprise band perform - The Who! These pictures are from our trip and the neighborhood where she lived.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Santa Monica Trip

I was back in Santa Monica hanging out with Lauren this past weekend. We went to the Ivy and STK restaurants, the Getty Museum and the Rose Bowl Antique market. We had a quality "star sighting" as we saw Emile Hirsch (Into the Wilderness, Lords of Dogtown) walking in downtown Santa Monica. The Getty Museum was wonderful - we saw this Van Gogh painting there called the Irises. Lauren had that same print on her wall for years, so that was fun. I will be back there again later this week to move her home to AZ.... that probably won't be as much fun! But I am looking forward to having her return. She did enjoy her internship with MTV.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And still more from Cayman

On our drive around the island - look at the colors in the water!
Nancy S. on the beach.
This picture is of the beach at Nancy's condo at sunset.

Here I am snorkeling with the stingrays.

The stingrays swim up to the boat waiting for food. They were so friendly!

Here I am with marine biologist/videographer Jim - I was trying to fix him up with Lauren. He said he would love to meet her, so now we have to go back...

Nancy and me on the boat to Stingray City.

So I am back and had a great time. Here are some more pictures of my trip. I am off this weekend to Santa Monica to spend more time with Lauren and will probably post some pictures from that trip. I am sorry that my posts have been a bit sporadic! I have included two short videos of me and the stingrays... I look pretty goofy :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

More from Cayman

Yesterday, I had a great time kissing and swimming with the Stingrays. If you kiss them you have seven year of good luck, so of course I had to try. They seem to enjoy rubbing their bodies along your legs like a big slimey cat - it was very weird. Snorkeling is awesome here and I love Cayman's beautiful hues of blue water. It is just incredible. I will be snorkeling out front tomorrow and then I will be heading home. I took some underwater video that I will work on posting when I return.