Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More June Birthdays

I love Geminis - I went out to lunch recently to help celebrate June Birthday girls Cindy and Liz. We went to a great new restaurant (at least it was new to me) - Humblepie. It is at the Hilton Village on Scottsdale road. They serve delicious gourmet salads and pizza. We had the Pistachio pizza - it was great! From left: Ames, Cindy, Me, Carol, Kelley and Liz.
I also want to say Happy Birthday to Karin today! (We will also have to go to lunch when you get back from San Diego.)

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Ms. Celeste said...

Let me know if you go here and if it's as good as this reporter states and maybe we'll check it out the next time we come to town?

Also, send me your e-mail and home address again, because when my system blew up in March I lost all information that was 2 years previous in my Outlook.