Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Santa Monica

Lauren's last day at MTV
Lauren's Apt. complex Washington Street - where she lived.
Lauren on Santa Monica Boardwalk
The cool Georgian Hotel on the Boardwalk

I went back to Santa Monica one last time to help move Lauren back to Arizona to start her last year at ASU. She loved her MTV internship - she said she enjoyed the great people she worked with, seeing how a large company conducts business and of course she enjoyed LA. She worked on several events including the parties for the TV Land awards, the Bob Saget roast and a special event to unveil the Xbox game, Rockstar II, where they had a surprise band perform - The Who! These pictures are from our trip and the neighborhood where she lived.


Her Vintage Stage said...

Thanks again Laren and Patty for a summer with fun memories!

Amanda at Broughton Hospitality said...

Hi, I work for the management company of Broughton Hospitality.
Broughton Hospitality offers a family of boutique hotels whose design and ambience celebrates the uniqueness of their cultures and locales throughout California, Chicago, and in Ubud Bali, Indonesia.
And we have a Google Alert for The Georgian Hotel. Thank you for your interest in the hotel. It is one of my favorites. Have you had the chance to stay at The Georgian?

Arcadia Living said...

No, I haven't stayed there yet, but it is definately on my list the next time I go back to Santa Monica.