Sunday, December 7, 2008

Black Cougar

My son Jack and I saw a black mountain lion up in Prescott last weekend. It was as large as a big german shepard and was sitting on a rock just outside my parent's fence line. It jumped down and sauntered off when we spotted him. My dad has seen the tracks around his house, but I have never seen a mountain lion before. I wanted him to call game and fish, but I don't think he thinks it is necessary. Hope he doesn't become lion food! (BTW -This is just a picture from the Internet, I didn't have my camera in hand...)


ellespot said...

mountain lions dont come in black colour, you may have seen an escaped pet leopard or even better a wild black jaguar which is incredible. if you live in the south west or border the gulf you should report it. Very endangered.

LaVonne said...

Mountain Lions actually do come in black, but they are rare. If what you saw was a black mountain lion, you're lucky!
I saw a black "thing" slinking through the grass here in Montana and my first thought was, that's crazy, we don't have jaguars here! lol I didn't have my glasses on, so I will never know what it was!