Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get Your Mindfulness On

I took a Yoga workshop this past weekend which was taught by Alanis Morrisette's twin brother Wade (weird, huh?) at At One Yoga. The class was fun and incorporated some dancing with the yoga and also focused on some breathing techniques. These are things I don't get a whole lot of when doing my usual classes.

I am going to try to get out there and do something new every week. In fact, I made this one of my personal goals for the year. (I just had my job review and had to come up with three goals. The other two are work-related.) So I guess the workshop counts for this week!

I took this photo this summer in Hawaii - what a peaceful spot. It takes me back there every time I look at it. It reminds me to stay in the moment and enjoy!


Her Vintage Stage said...

Sounds like a good goal to me. Did Wayne look like his sister? Have a good day.

Arcadia Living said...

Yes, he looked like her, but he was pretty "pudgy" for someone who teaches yoga!