Thursday, April 15, 2010

John McEnroe Event - Steve Nash!!!

I went to a tennis exhibition fundraiser at the Village Tennis club this evening where John McEnroe played Andrei Neval. It was very fun - but the best part was when my wonderful Stevie Nash walked in and sat right across from me. He took a bunch of photos afterwards with all the kids, but I was too embarrassed to ask him for a pic. I did take a bad photo with my camera phone though.


Sally said...

Ultra ultra cooooollll... love John McEnroe (he has a great tennis centre built in Loreto, Mexico Baja Sur, where we honeymooned) and Steve Nash is a Canadian treasure! Neat post Patty (and thanks for finding me on Facebook too).. I am a tennis lover since way back (tennis, tennis, and more tennis... and my idol Bjorn Borg and bandanas were my life growing up - ha ha)

Arcadia Living said...

Bjorn Borg was always my favorite too!