Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Woo Hoo - Chicken Coop is Done! Thanks, DAD!!!

My Dad built an awesome chicken coop for our four chickens. The top flips up for ventilation and to easily remove eggs. It has a nice front door and the chickens are really loving it! He brought it down from Prescott last weekend.
Lauren just returned from five weeks of work on board the Princess Saphire. I will post more pictures of her in Cabo soon. She is pictured holding the smallest chicken here - Maude.
Thanks again Dad!!!!

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CeCe said...

Great Chicken Coop your dad made-
Looks like your dad is very handy -- are you rewarding him with some fresh eggs?!
To answer your question about the snow picture on my blog-Yep-snow on Wednesday evening-another picture to post hopefully soon!